About Us

World Street Kitchen is the brain child of the team behind the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Saffron Restaurant & Lounge, brothers Saed & Sameh Wadi.

World Street Kitchen features a seasonal menu which utilizes only the highest quality ingredients, presented in a fun way: street style. The cuisine is inspired by the food served in street carts around the world, from Morocco to Vietnam.

Find us in uptown in our new brick & mortar location on Lyndale Ave between 27th & 28th.


Global street food served in a fast casual setting with a touch of fine dining. 2743 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • #WSKuptown #SecretMenuMonday fried #Empanada filled w/spiced shrimp topped w/crema, cotija cheese, avocado & cilantro http://t.co/okMithG233
  • #WSKtruck we believe rain will stop during lunch 🙏 at Marquette & 7-8th. With #BangkokBurrito #LambBellyTaco http://t.co/MQ50KvcvGF
  • Mmmmm...beef. http://t.co/vZ359kXK0W
  • RT : Giant Steps 2014 is 2 weeks from today! Inspiration! Connections! Learning! Register by 9/30 for best rates. I: http://t.…
  • Dreaming of super spicy papaya salad.
  • #WSKuptown URGENT .... URGENT ... http://t.co/87jvDoPUSJ
  • Cake Alert: Sweet Parsnip with lime ginger frosting. http://t.co/KqpwLqh19l
  • sorry you feel this way. i think you might be taking it a little to serious. -sameh
  • sometimes it slips. thanks for letting us know. -sameh
  • #WSKtruck is not out today & tomorrow. We have private events. See you Monday. Call us at 612-424-5533 & will deliver DT
  • #WSKtruck @ Marquette & 8th. #YumYumRiceBowl We have private events Thur/Fri during lunch. #LastCallThisWeek http://t.co/aNuDBZThQo
  • Have fun. -Saed
  • Jamie, you are very demandy today?? Jason, you have 2 min to go get Jamie some Whiskey!!
  • Jamie will be all sugared up #CookieMonster
  • You Betcha!!! http://t.co/slyoY1RvGj
  • Less than 2 blocks. Can't beat that!!! http://t.co/IbGm0l2Kmv
  • #WSKtruck ALERT ALERT .... #YumYumRiceBowl on Tuesday. ALERT ALERT .... #YumYumRiceBowl on Tuesday. Marquette & 8th. http://t.co/fFEj0jiZNW
  • When do you need the burritos?? Give me some time to plan delivery. Do not tell me now 😏 -Saed
  • #WSKuptown #SecretMenuMonday DOUBLES: fried dough w/curried chickpeas, jerk chicken, spicy cucumber & mango chutney http://t.co/H53iexTZzF
  • #WSKtruck serving #BangkokBurrito #LambBellyTacos at Marquette & 8th Great weather to enjoy #FoodTrucks http://t.co/TWpcS9pDbO