What does WSK stand for?
short for World Street Kitchen.

What’s the cuisine?
It’s simple food influenced by flavors of street food from around the world. Big flavors, textures and lots of love, all spun into delicious harmony.

Can I make a reservation?
Nope, we are not that kinda joint, come and join the party.

Can I order takeout?
Absolutely! — Call us or come on in and order at the counter.  You can even park in the designated parking takeout spot. (make sure to only do that when you are getting take out, or bad juju will haunt you for life)

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes indeed. All of them, but we prefer cash money.

Where do I park?
There’s a small parking lot available to our guests, on the side of our building (no parking on before noon on Sunday), there is plenty street parking as well.

Do you deliver?
Using ROCKIT bike delivery service to bring your food in limited area.  Check map.

Do you have a happy hour?
Yup! Daily from 3-6pm & 9pm to close

Are you vegetarian/vegan friendly?
Oh yeah, many of our menu items can be slightly modified to be vegan.

I have a gluten allergy/intolerance, what can I order?
Well, it depends on how severe the allergy/intolerance is. We can make it.

Do you serve desserts?
You are going to be glad that you asked! We have a fancy soft serve ice cream machine that will be churning some tasty treats and well as a few home made baked goodies.

Do you serve wine, beer or liquor?
Well yes we do, beer and wine, we even have this bomb drink list that features beer, wine and sake. No hard liquor.

Can I bring in my own wine, beer or liquor?
Nope. If you do, we will confiscate it and drink it ourselves.

Do you cater?
We sure do, get in touch with our events coordinator at “Contact Us”

Can I rent out the space for a private event?
See above answer.

Are you kid/family friendly?
for sure! We are currently working on a kids menu even.

How much is an average entrée?
nothing on the regular menu is over $12.


Global street food served in a fast casual setting with a touch of fine dining. 2743 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
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