Half price snacks, $5 cocktails, $3 house wine & $3 local tap beer.


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We feature a seasonal menu presented in a fun way: street style. While the truck is stored for the winter, visit our restaurant in uptown at Lyndale & 28th st.
  • We just changed the password. Thanks
  • Thank you for the heads up
  • please do not click on the link. We did not send this tweet. We are changing out password right a way
  • reaaaaaal sooon!
  • RT : Save this list for next time you're stumped about where to eat out: "20 Twin Cities restaurants" - http://t.co/CdxSqkodtg
  • there are no TVs at WSK
  • Today's feature is a Torta Milanesa! #SecretMenuMonday http://t.co/usyzOjjN7A
  • not yet.
  • #SecretMenuMonday Today's feature is a Torta Milanesa. Breaded steak, refried beans, queso chihuahua, avocado, tomato, onion and spicy mayo
  • #SecretMenuMonday announcement coming up!
  • Enjoy the holiday folks! We're closing at 9pm today http://t.co/ngaa22IjlQ
  • RT : New episode of #2ndBrunch available now! Thanks again to at and 7 Corners. http://t.co/Ez6A…
  • Reggae #brunch has begun! Happy #Easter http://t.co/9bEM3m0LUv
  • Amy, we never got the #memo that your leaving town!!! Your request to leave town is not approved. COME BACK.
  • RT : Ha. I had WSK burrito today at the Fetus. Yep. My life is just fine.
  • Glad to hear that & thanks to for inviting us to #RecordStoreDay2014
  • RT : Curry chicken burrito and short rib burrito RSD2014 made our stomachs happy! Thank you! #bestfoodintwi…
  • We're open for #Easter #brunch tomorrow! http://t.co/nOnglP3oxf
  • Happy #RecordStoreDay2014 !!! http://t.co/wcPgBJ1umG
  • Ready for #BangkokBurrito??? Come to #RecordStoreDay2014 we are slinging food with http://t.co/XjOb2KEsU9