Half price snacks, $5 cocktails, $3 house wine & $3 local tap beer.


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Global street food served in a fast casual setting with a touch of fine dining. 2743 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 6th. #YumYumRiceBowl #SayNoMore http://t.co/TBMQyHQYf5
  • We will not be mad if you did.
  • #WSKtruck at the usual spot on Marquette & 6th with #BangkokBurrito & #OMG-nachos #FoodTruckGoneWild http://t.co/Ksb35AOouz
  • we actually like the guy. he's a stand up fella. As are you good sir. Thanks for the love!
  • Jason hates our hashbrowns.“:Brunch at WSK in uptown:might be great for you, not so great for me. http://t.co/mny7JRfBld”
  • We need to celebrate the new car. Congratulations 🎉🎉
  • Chihuahua cheese
  • Juantons, stuffed with beef chorizo, potatoes and chihuahua served with avocado/lime dipping sauce #SecretMenuMonday http://t.co/4rZPWK6bwO
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 6th with your #BangkokBurrito & AdoboFishTaco BTW today is Friday 😏 http://t.co/tMuzo4t75w
  • Brand new #SecretMenuMonday prep taking place, bet you wish this was Scratch 'N Sniff! http://t.co/Y1tsPrnR8f
  • Bwok Bwok Wings in the making! Limited time only! http://t.co/JAwhVCByBu
  • Stuffed Falafel in the making... for your mouth. http://t.co/MzwqHw9LTz
  • RT : Great brunch at ! http://t.co/4o9CHzWvY9
  • Cookie Monster? We got you covered with our Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Sea Salt Cookies! http://t.co/HFWDEmbepj
  • right around dinner time ;)
  • Bwok Bwok Wings are bbbaaaaaccckkkkkk! Starting tonight, for a limited time... http://t.co/2eOStWx2wE
  • RT : Sometimes you have to brick-n-mortar to get the mutha f* biscuit sandwich
  • #WSKtruck No food truck today. You can always come or call #WSKuptown at 612-424-8855 to place a delivery order by
  • RT : Could it be? Soon to be BWOK BWOK by popular demand. #InTheKitchenSnitchen http://t.co/j6g6dsNM9j
  • #WSKtruck Who want #YumYumRiceBowl & #RedCurryChickenTaco ?? Meet us at Marquette & 6th. Cheers!!! http://t.co/ez6qKyVPUK