Half price snacks, $5 cocktails, $3 house wine & $3 local tap beer.


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Global street food served in a fast casual setting with a touch of fine dining. 2743 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • You guys, it's Saturday!!! (Insert inspirational quote here.) #brunch
  • RT : Yum Yum Bowl YUM YUM
  • RT : has officially jumped ahead of chipotle on my list of restaurants I obsess over #fuego #piff
  • awwwww shucks! We are all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
  • any thoughts on this?
  • RT : Had the best lunch today from a food truck - beef rice bowl was amazing!!
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 8th with #YumYumRiceBowl Happy Friday!!! http://t.co/ocujm5ZUom
  • killer idea. not sure how the city will feel about that.
  • Not sure, but his might inspire our next food truck. http://t.co/W7poE6znhe
  • RT : We're dreaming of lettuce wraps from ! If you're nearby, order all of the wraps for us. All of them. #LunchtimeBlues #…
  • #WSKtruck look who is working at the truck!!! I really miss DT. -Saed http://t.co/0d43LAD2Z4
  • Great. Look for the free gifts. It is #legit
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 8th with #YumYumRiceBowl grab a #FortuneCookie #FreebieInside http://t.co/PLEOOjF53m
  • RT : This element of our Yum Yum Rice Bowl Station is Chef 's favorite. Thanks Brakke Photography for the image. …
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 8th. Indulge with #YumYumRiceBowl #FoodTruckSeasonEndingSoon http://t.co/SA0SpvoltH
  • RT : This explains why I thought people were whispering sweet nothings to their #YumYumRiceBowl http://t.co/XxlOEGyc7l
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 8th serving #BangkokBurrito #MoroccanVegTaco #LifeChangingExperience http://t.co/tovDBeDpxz
  • #WSKuptown #SecretMenuMonday #Samosas Crispy fried dough stuffed with Indian spiced lamb & peas with two chutneys http://t.co/eDikozQtWg
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 8th with #BangkokBurrito #CarmalizeLambBellyTacos Happy Monday!!! http://t.co/7EMacMneZ3
  • RT : FINALLY trying the brunch at . The lamb belly with cheesy hash is stupendous! http://t.co/whOcMjO98g