Sunday – Thursday     11am – 11pm
Friday – Saturday       11am – Midnight
Sat– Sun  Brunch        10am – 3pm
Daily Happy Hour         3pm-6pm & 9pm to close

2743 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Parking is available on both side of Lyndale Ave. and limited
parking spaces available on the north side of the building.
Two dedicated “Grab & Go” parking spaces are available.

We features a seasonal menu presented in a fun way: street style. While the truck is stored for the winter, visit our restaurant in uptown at Lyndale & 28th st.
  • working that angle. not happy with the results yet. -sameh
  • RT : I spy a certain veg taco from in the new issue of repping Minnesota. Well done, guys.
  • Yo!! is off the chainz good! glad to have you as neighbors.
  • RT : Welcome to the Brunch Heatmap! http://t.co/a6DgPNRbRh
  • Thanks World Street Kitchen:"Best Restaurant in Lyn-Lake" http://t.co/RDoMHU5aYK http://t.co/pQHciSdtuF
  • According to the Associated Press, Dr. Wadi says:"Bwok Bwok Wings will help during #sprinter season" http://t.co/LRE4juWZfK
  • RT : We're very happy to share your info with guests looking for catering. We are proud to support our res…
  • YES!! we miss you as well 😃
  • RT : cumin just makes me happy. I got hooked on dipping hardboiled eggs in it in Morocco. Now, I put it on everyth…
  • RT : OMG. The curry peanut butter pretzel cookies from . http://t.co/TKeUZHcRSJ
  • Don't be discouraged, we still have some Bwok Bwok Chicken Wings left for dinner! #SecretMenuMonday http://t.co/W8yswZNh6e
  • Everything!!! 😉
  • that cumin honey is where it's at!
  • what did you have?
  • our pleasure! thanks for joining us.
  • RT : Ultimate Warrior thoroughly enjoyed the biscuits and gravy at today. So good. http://t.co/kkszkoLVG1
  • we prepped a little more today, so hopefully they won't run out before dinner.
  • #SecretMenuMonday Bwok Bwok Chicken Wings! Get em while you can...they're going quickly! http://t.co/lntpBpcWUt
  • 40 seconds probably seems too long if you are hangry.
  • looked into it... looks like it takes 40 seconds to get the option to order. press 4 to surpass. -sameh