Sunday – Thursday     11am – 11pm
Friday – Saturday       11am – Midnight
Sat– Sun  Brunch        10am – 3pm
Daily Happy Hour         3pm-6pm & 9pm to close

2743 Lyndale Ave. S.

Minneapolis, MN 55408

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Parking is available on both side of Lyndale Ave. and limited
parking spaces available on the north side of the building.
Two dedicated “Grab & Go” parking spaces are available.

Global street food served in a fast casual setting with a touch of fine dining. 2743 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408
  • RT : Just in case you wanted to see what our Tandoori Chicken on Naan looks like... http://t.co/K66ERMJVo6
  • I will crash a wedding for that -Saed
  • #WSKtruck If you want #YumYumRiceBowl you should come to 2nd ave between 4 & 5th St. (Period) http://t.co/2QGUm6kJkA
  • RT : We were on our way from NE to a quick dinner in the boring 'burbs. We ALMOST crashed your company picnic!…
  • when are you gonna have that again??
  • RT : When the truck is at your company picnic, you know it's going to be a good one. #BangkokBurrito
  • thank you RBC for having us be a part of your party!!!
  • #WSKtruck is at private event. Come to #WSKuptown or call 612-424-8855 & will deliver http://t.co/5a2hQ4WVh7
  • This guy is very excited to be in the photo or to be coming to ?? http://t.co/sUMlLk6T7M
  • #WSKtruck have a private event during lunch today & tomorrow. See you Friday!!!
  • Manager meeting outside? Don't mind if we do! http://t.co/30uqfFst2I
  • #WSKtruck @ Marquette & 8th @ TCF with #BangkokBurrito & #VegTaco We are out only today & Friday this week http://t.co/5huh9R2Dfp
  • #SecretMenuMonday Masa Cakes with Braised Lamb, charred corn, pickled red onion, crema, cilantro http://t.co/MueQCfCYVS
  • It should like a great plan to us. Do you need help finding a place?? Just kidding!!!
  • #WSKtruck is out Tuesday & Friday this week. Come to #WSKuptown or call 612-424-8855 & will deliver http://t.co/Hd1Ib4gLri
  • RT : New fav HH spot at Cheap & delicious local beer & guac! http://t.co/C4TkqMnnsG
  • Lots of our food can be made without cilantro.
  • who told you no cilantro!!! -Saed
  • It's a perfect #mpls summer night for some Salted Carmel Soft Serve http://t.co/vNw37Rgt3u
  • #WSKtruck at Marquette & 6th serving #YumYumRiceBowl on this beautiful Friday http://t.co/sDkSmGlaXx