Spice Trail – by Chef Sameh Wadi

Spice Trail blends are handcrafted in small batches from chef Sameh Wadi’s authentic recipes. The ingredients are natural, salt-free, MSG-free and thoughtfully chosen.

  • ras-el-hanout-spice

    Ras El Hanout – North African Spice

    Ras El Hanout literally means “head of the shop,” it represents the best spice mixture a merchant has to offer. Spice Trail’s authentic recipe combines more than 21 exotic ingredients including saffron, rose petals, wild ginger, Aleppo chilies, wild cardamom and nigella seed. You won’t find this complex, aromatic blend on supermarket shelves, this is the real deal!

    Perfect for: Lamb, veal, chicken and poultry, beef, vegetables, couscous, pork, hearty seafood and fish as well as in your favorite soup or stew to add a distinctly North African flavor.

    1.5 oz
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  • exotic-blend-spcie

    Exotic Blend – Middle Eastern Spice

    Chef Sameh Wadi adapted this blend from his mother’s recipe. It is the spice blend used at Saffron Restaurant & Lounge as the popular chicken marinade. Exotic Blend features 24 rich spices including sumac, saffron, cardamom and bay leaves. You’ll experience a magical, earthy aroma and a slightly tangy flavor.

    Perfect for: Chicken, lamb, veal, pork and vegetables.

    1.5 oz
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  • garam-masala

    Garam Masala – Indian Spice

    Garam Masala means “hot mixture” or “warming spice.” This is an all-purpose blend called for in many northern Indian dishes and can even take the place of a yellow curry in a sauce or stew. Garam Masala features 11 ingredients including cardamom, fenugreek, mace and Tellicherry pepper.

    Perfect for: Lamb, veal, chicken, pork, vegetables, fish, seafood and in curry dishes.

    1.5 oz
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  • tagine

    Tagine – North African Spice

    Tagine is a type of dish found in the north African cuisines of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. It is named after the special pot in which food is cooked. These slow-cooked stews, braised over time at low temperatures, result in tender meat with aromatic vegetables and richly flavorful sauce. Tagine is a robust mixture of spices and chilies in the style of Marrakesh and includes smoked paprika, cumin, cardamom, turmeric and ginger.

    Perfect for: Beef, lamb, veal and winter vegetables. Also great as a rub for grilled steak and chop.

    1.5 oz
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  • basic-set

    Basic Set – All Four Spices

    A selection of all four Spice Trail blends, the perfect gift! Spice set includes: Ras El Hanout, Exotic Blend, Garam Masala and Tagine.

    See the individual spices for further description and recipes.

    6 oz
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